No More Tedious Tarts


Hey everybody!  Its yours truly, Kyla, all the way from London England. As we are all aware, our practicums have officially begun. I myself have had 2 extremely intense days, having been put right to work on producing high quality goods. Some of which we have done previously in class, while others were totally knew. Most exciting thing so far? Today I got to use a fancy new tool, the one shown in the picture above. A tart press!  We all know just how tedious it is to cut out circles and fill tart liners 1 by 1 by 1. Well this awesome friend does all the tedious work for you. Just put a decent amount of short paste or pie dough into a liner, place it in the slot and swing down the handle.  Presto, you’ve got yourself a tart shell ready to chill and fill. I was very excited to use it, having been told by our instructors about the usefulness of such a tool and I know now that I will never want to fill liners by hand again. All in all my experience here has been great so far.  I see great things in the weeks to come and I cant wait to share all Ive learnt with you guys!


Kyla Petit, a Canadain beginner baker amoung these London professionals.


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