Learning to Make a Wedding Cake

Decorating a wedding cake was a new experience for me. When the instructors introduced the assignment, I felt overwhelmed and thought about how tricky it could be. But with some help, I was very proud with how it turned out.

I started thinking of ideas for the cake by googling images of Dogwood flowers. So then I used gum paste to make the leaves and flowers. Making the dogwood flowers was a little easier then I thought it would be! I airbrushed the flowers with purple and pink colors. I chose the purple and pink because I thought it would look nice with the green leaves and the white background.

The whole process of decorating this cake was different then decorating the regular three layer 8 inch Pistachio cake we did in first semester. Using Styrofoam cake rounds, putting on a thin layer of fondant that we rolled out and smoothed with our hands and doing royal icing rosettes and pearls made it a different experience that focused on the art of the decorations.

Kevin's Wedding Cake - Jan. 2016



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