Cake Disaster


Ever since I was a little kid, I always enjoyed baking with my Mom. We would watch Anna Olsen’s, “Sugar” on the Food Network and would get so inspired to bake. I was the kind of girl that when my mom and I would bake a cake from the box, I always thought it would come out looking like the picture. Needless to say, even though it tasted really good, I was never satisfied by the appearance of it. It became a goal to bake and present well. I have a love for cakes and never really realized how challenging it was bake, fill and assemble one until it came to making my cousins sweet 16 cake a few years ago.

After watching countless episodes of Cake Boss, I felt like perhaps I was ready for this challenge. Nope.

Not being as prepared as I thought, I was stuck with a bunch of cake slabs on the floor, dried out fondant on the counter and me sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor crying and not knowing what to do. Thank goodness for mom’s right? Always there to save the day. She helped me clean up and we started all over again, step by step. It wasn’t the greatest cake in the world, but it was one of my firsts and I’m very grateful for the opportunity because after that cake, I had friends, family, and friends of friends messaging me and asking me to make cakes for them.

My hobby became a passion and it all started from my mom and me baking to having the one chance to show what I can do. Ever since then, I can see the progress from all my cakes and I’m learning more and more every time.



I have so many people supporting me and encouraging me every day about my passion for baking and I feel very blessed to have such a good support team behind me. I was encouraged to start my own Facebook page for my creations and I’m so proud with the amount of responses and support from everyone!


Because of them, I was able to push myself and create a few of these for them:







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