Cobs Bread: My Practicum Experience

It’s been a hard two weeks. Getting up at three in the morning to work at Cobs Bread for my practicum was not at all easy. However, so worth it! Between juggling working at my current job in the evenings and working at Cobs in the night into the afternoon, I have never been so sleep deprived in my life. I learned so much about how a bakery works and about their products and what the company does for their employees, customers and the community.

Their products are all made from scratch, and baked fresh daily. From chocolate scones, to freshly baked breads and Danishes, the aroma alone was worth the few hours of sleep.

All the left over products that were not sold by the end of the night were given to the homeless shelter and food bank. I thought that was one of the nicest things a company could do for its community.

I got to learn how to use the “bread machine” to roll and cut the right size portions for various breads. I also got to use the machine that makes buns and scones which was a work out on its own, but made the process so much easier than rolling each piece of dough by hand.

I made cinnamon buns daily, which weren’t my favorite, but definitely a challenge that I felt like I got better at after making it each time.



 I really enjoyed making one of their signature items, called, “Teatimes” which was a bread twist filled with raspberries and custard, cranberry and custard, coconut and lemon filling or apple with cinnamon-sugar. They are shaped a certain way and I think after the two weeks I got the hang of them and got a lot faster at making them.



Although, the hours were long, and the work load left me sore, and everything was super-fast paced I wouldn’t change it for anything. I do believe that my time management got a lot better, and throughout the two weeks I got a lot faster and making the products and making sure that the presentation and quality was acceptable.

I think my favorite part was getting to try everything that we would bake!

The owner of the store, Christian, was super nice, and made me feel like I was part of the team. He even offered me a job after my first week! I made a lot of new friends. They treated me like family and were also NAIT baking graduates. They always had the music blasted, and I never felt like I was going to work. It always felt like a party. The environment and the people were so nice and positive and always had good things to say. They encouraged me so much and I can’t thank them enough for all the support! I will miss my Cobs family dearly!

Thank you NAIT & Cobs Bread for the opportunity.

Feel free to check out their website and all the amazing products they have to offer!




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