Gluten free baking from a gluten lover

Since living with my friend who has Celiac, I have gotten to have the cool experiences having learning and playing with some gluten-free recipes. Not only do I get to make gluten-free meals but also gluten-free baking recipes. Recently I have got to do a lot more gluten-free baking since we have had time off from school. I had never done any gluten-free baking moving with my friend. It has been quite interesting and can be slightly annoying at times. The main thing that I have noticed with gluten-free baking that gluten-free is a lot more absorbent than normal flour making batters a lot thicker and a lot less viscous.

There are different ways to do gluten-free baking, you can either use an actual gluten-free baking recipe or change regular gluten full recipe and switch the flour to gluten-free flour. I use a cup-for-cup gluten-free flour which is a mix of a lot of different gluten-free flours blended into one. I use Cloud 9 gluten-free flour, it is an all-purpose flour in gluten-free baking.

More recently, the main gluten-free baking I have done is I made some blueberry muffins. IMG_20160206_182848181

I also made a banana chocolate loaf.IMG_20160126_154240091

Both of these were made from gluten-free websites, blueberry muffins and banana loaf, although instead of using Bob’s Redmill gluten-free flour I used the Cloud 9 flour.

The most recent baking I’ve done is made some incredibly adorable little gluten-free apple crisps, I did not use any recipe for this however, I just played off of past experiences and improvised something which turned out delicious. Snapchat-8269750207157885948

By: Talia Bernath


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