Cowboy Cookies

Back in 2011 I spent time travelling in New Zealand. It was an amazing year of exploring the countryside, and meeting some fantastic people. While there I worked as a waitress at the Lochmara Lodge for roughly 6 months during the summer. Lochmara is a eco lodge, wildlife recovery and arts centre nestled within the Marlbough Sounds.  


Every morning, I would open the restaurant with our fantastic breakfast chef and baker, Mary. Her cakes, cookies, and pastries added to Lochmara fame in the Sounds. People would boat in for the afternoon just to have a slice of her infamous Chocolate Cake! She was always busy in the kitchen, whether at the restaurant or just down the path in her home.

I spent a great deal of time learning different recipes and techniques from Mary. she has definitely inspired me throughout my baking journey! Mary graciously gave me some of her recipes to take  to Canada. I came back with recipes for donuts, cakes, and my most favorite cookie recipe: the Cowboy Cookie.

The Cowboy Cookie is not a delicate, small cookie. It is a hardy cookie, packed with lots of goodness. When I make them, I load them up with chocolate chips, dried blueberries, coconut, oats, and walnuts. The beauty of the Cowboy Cookie is you can add any extra ingredient you may have, such as raisins, almonds, and  dried fruit. The choices are endless! To make these cookies all you need is a big bowl and a strong arm. They are a hardy cookie, one or two cookies max and you will be full!

Now, I am sure after my year abroad my family and friends were happy to have me back home, but they were a thousand times happier after having their first bite of the Cowboy Cookie.

These cookies are major hit with my family and friends. Even my best friend’s Grandma asks for them!

Even though I will never be able to fully share my adventures in New Zealand with family and friends, it’s so wonderful that I can bring them back a taste of New Zealand.



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