Kevin’s Mini Donuts at The Good Oven

The Good Oven has a very special way of making mini cake donuts. At The Good Oven we scale-up the donut mixture and weigh the water mixture.  We put the donut and the water mixture together in the bowl using the paddle attachment.  Then we mix the batter on the first speed for two minutes and then the second speed for one minute and a half.

Then we have the donut maker in which you pour the batter into a steel funnel that will shape the donuts in the automatic machine (see the picture at the bottom).  There is hot oil at the bottom of the machine and donuts will fry and then move through the oil.  Metal bars will push the donuts through the oil onto the other side. Then the donuts will fall onto a tray. After the mini donuts are on the tray and then put powdered sugar on top of them.

To finish off, we place six donuts in a Gregg Distributor cardboard box and then they sell the donuts. I loved being a part of the whole donut process and organization.

Donut Maker


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