Mille Crepes

qian ceng

Mille Crepes is kind of cake with multiple thin layers, cream and fruit. In China, usually served as dessert, snack, even for birthday cake today. This cake also very famous in Los Angeles, called Lady M. They can sell  hundreds of cake every day, and they are pretty expensive. I still can remember, only one piece of this cost 8 US dollars, and for average  6 inches is 45 US dollars and 9 inches is 80 US dollars.

For my taste, I feel Mille Crepes is too sweet, and if you eat too much, you will feel little bit not very well. Just imagine eat lots of cream one time.

I tried to make Mango Mille Crepes one time, because we all like mango in my family. For making Match Mille Crepes I need to prepare:


For the dough part:

Egg 3

Milk 250g

All purpose flour 50g

Icing sugar 25g

Corn starch 30g

Unsalted butter 10g

For the filling part:

Cream 400g

Icing sugar 20g

Mango depends

Making steps:

  1. Melt butter
  2. Shift all the dry ingredients and then mix with milk, mix until butter is smooth
  3.  Whisk the eggs, whisk until you cannot lift eggs with whisk. Do not whisk eggs to snow stage, it looks like water. Make sure there are no bubble in the eggs.
  4. Mix whisked eggs with the batter in step 2. Mix well, make sure no bubble. Strain the batter.
  5. Take some batter into melt butter, mix well. Then put it back to the batter. If there are bubble in the batter, let it to set until no bubble.
  6. Heat the pan then turn to low heat.Take a spoon of batter into hot pan, spray evenly. Before very spoon of batter, stir little bit. When the dough can come off the pan and bubble, it means it is ready.
  7. Wrap the dough with plastic or silicone paper, put in cooler for 30 min.
  8.  Whisk cream and icing sugar to foam stage
  9. Cut mango( or other fruit you like) into cub.
  10. Take one piece of dough in the bottom, one layer of cream around 300-400g, some mango cub, one piece  of dough, cream and mango. Repeat all the steps until finish all the dough.
  11. When you finish the last layer, you can put some fruit, decoration on the top.
  12. After you finish, put in fridge until it is firm or frozen. Then you can cut it.


This is Chinese version video, which I like this formula best.

The video below is English version, I watch the formula is different from the one I use, I put here just for making process.

Write by Rachel


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