Nuomici-Chinese pastry


I think lots of people heard about Mochi ice ream, this is famous Japanese dessert. In China, we also have a similar kind of dessert called Nuomici. It looks like the same, but taste totally different. In the above picture, it is Nuomici, with mango inside. This is my favourite kind of filling as Nuomici. The picture below is Mochi ice cream, you can see the difference.Mochi ice cream

How to make Nuomici? Well, it is very easy.  First, you have to prepare all the ingredients below:

Mango:  about 2 mango, you also can change to other fruit

Milk 100g

Coconut milk 100g

Sweet rice flour 120g

Shredded Coconut  depends

Icing sugar 50g

Corn starch 30g

Unsalted butter 15g

  1. Use double boiler to melt butter
  2.  Mix all dry and wet ingredients, expect shredded coconut and mango. Make sure no lamps in batter
  3. Add melted butter into batter. Mix to clear
  4. Use double boiler to steam the batter. Steam about 10mins,  depends on the equipment of using. Use stick check the dough is ready or not.
  5. Put the hot dough into another clean bowl
  6.  Put hot dough aside, plastic on. Wait to room temperature.
  7. When the cooked batter is not very sticky to the hand, we can begin to make nuomici.
  8. Take a small pieces of dough, rounded, flat, put fruit in, seal it with dough.
  9. Dip in the shredded coconut
  10. Keep in cooler all the time
    nuomici41135051                                                                                       There are two video about how to make nuomici, one is Chinese version which the formula I used here, another is the one I found is in English, the formula is little bit different.

Chinese version

English version


Write by Rachel


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