Steam Bun, also called Mantou


Steam bun, we called mantou in Chinese. Mantou is a traditional food in China  especially in the ancient of China. In the past of China, most of people will make lots of steam bun when they have a long trip. The reason why they take steam bun with them not other foods, steam bun is cheap and convince and can keep long time.

Steam bun is kind of “bread” with made of flour and water, steam after fermentation. Usually is round shape, sometime also will be round square. It is traditional main course in North of China. The first steam bun appear in Chunqiu Dynasty, but this food is not popular cause miller is not invented. Until Donghan Dynasty, steam bun is become more and more popular.

Steam bun as very important main course, almost every old generation know how to made it, and it is pretty easy to make.

Only four simple ingredients, flour, yeast, sugar and body temperature water.

Flour 1000g

Yeast 5g

Sugar 10g

Water (Body temperature) 480g

  1. Mix yeast with 200g body temperature water, set for 5 mins
  2. Mix the liquid with sugar
  3.  Pour the liquid to flour slowly, stir when pure the liquid, and then put the water in. Also stir when add water in.
  4. Mix the dough by hand until the surface is smooth.
  5. Plastic on. Put in room temperature. Wait until the dough is 2-3 times bigger. When you tire the dough apart, if you can see holes in there means its ready to go.
  6. Round and punch the dough until all the gas is gone. Punch dough time is no less than 10 mins.
  7. Cut do into small pieces.
  8. Round the small dough in to round
  9. Boil a pot of water. When water is boiling, shut the gas. Use double boiler put steam bun in. After 10 mins, gas on, after 15mins, shut of the gas, and wait 10 more mins, then steam bun is ready.

steam bun

mantou 1.jpg

This is the steam bun I have made at home. On the top of the picture is called Baozi, which is steam bun with filling inside. It all the same just have filling inside.

For the double boiler, I have to say this is different kind of double boiler we use at school. This is the picture.

double boiler.jpg

Steam bun is healthy and delicious food. It has long shelf life, you can frozen any time and with original flavor. Beside, this is best food for people who have digest and stomach problem. Steam bun can help to release the burden of stomach digestion.

This is a video about steam bun. I hope this can help you to study how to make steam bun better.


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