Mennonite Delights: Pappanate

Pappanate. Said Pay-pa-nate.
The direct translation from Low German, or Plautdietsch, is Pepper Nut.

This is a Mennonite bread/bun like dessert often served at Christmas, and oh what a treat it is! These, along with jam jams, I only ever get to eat at Christmas gatherings, and needless to say, ack frate me zelse domlicht (translation: I eat myself silly). In the Mennonite culture, a lot of importance is placed on family. Every year we gather with all of our aunts (tantes), uncles, cousins and grandparents (grausmam and grauspap, gotta roll those r’s!) to celebrate holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Each holiday has its traditional food, pappanate being one at Christmas. Other Christmas foods include meike rece (milk rice) and plume mouse (a cold plum soup type bowl of joy). Below are links to recipes for both:

There are two varieties of pappanate; one is a loaf with swirls, while the other is bun like with sprinkles or sugar topping. My favorite, as you may or may not have guessed, is the bun pappanate. I have also heard of there being tiny peppernut cookies, but have yet to try or see those.

Pappanate is smaller than a bun, and just as soft. But the thought of adding pepper to a sweet dough topped in colored sprinkles does not sound appealing in any sense, yet it is one of the most enjoyable Christmas desserts.

Below, the pictures will take you through the long, step by step process of making pappanate.


Like many Mennonite recipes, pappanate is another typical case of ‘flour until good’, something I find quite annoying. But each to their own! Nevertheless, pappanate is still one of the most delightful Christmas desserts around!

For recipes on all types of pappanate, see the links below. I’m keeping my recipe to myself, sorry all!
Happy baking!



2 thoughts on “Mennonite Delights: Pappanate

  1. I loved reading your blog posts, Jalaney! Your passion for baking is evident and your sense of humor is very entertaining. But what’s with the secret recipes? I’m hoping one day that you will return home and open your own bakery! 😉


    1. Thanks Mrs.Morris! I really enjoyed writing it, and I must say I had some pretty good English teachers! Well part of the reason I very rarely share a recipe is because someday I would like to open up my own shop 🙂


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