My Gelato Fix

I make ice cream for a living these days.

It’s fun. It’s from scratch. We have 100 or so varieties so far.


Ice Cream – is an emulsion and then after churning is classified as a foam, in which air bubbles are stabilized by freezing large amounts of liquid around them. 

More specifically I make Gelato and Sorbetto; Italian style ice cream and sorbet.

I have yet to work a summer at this job to see how crazy in demand specialty ice cream will be, but I get the opportunity to make enough each week to toss in some creative flair and judgement on what I decide to make.



As far as ingredients go its fairly simple. Milk, heavy cream, eggs, sugar for ice creams and water, fruit juice or puree and sugar for sorbets.

What makes it Gelato is the amount of overrun; the amount of air incorporated into the mix when churning. Gelato is denser and less airy, therefore has a more concentrated and strong flavor. Although opinions on what make Gelato, Gelato differ from chef to chef.

Fun Fact  – The history of frozen desserts dates backs to almost three thousand years ago, with credit to the Chinese with producing the first frozen dessert; flavored ice. There are also hieroglyphs from the Egyptians that show images of fruit and ice together. Hm.

I’ve been working at Cococo Bernard Callebaut Chocolaterie since last fall. Each week I make approximately 15 varieties of Gelato and Sorbetto.

A couple flavors I get to do are; Bittersweet Chocolate (Our chocolate; Bernard Callebaut!), Pink Guava, Popcorn, Lemon, Banana Cream Pie, Blueberry Yogurt, Strawberry Cheesecake, Raspberry,  White Chocolate Passion Fruit Lemon Cookie…lots.

Also there are seasonal flavors; Pumpkin Pie, Eggnog, Mojito.

Another reason I enjoy making it so much is that it reminds me of my backpacking days through Italy, where I made sure I tested out a “few” types of Gelato. Each day. Every town. It was for my culinary education..


Sometimes the freezer door may get left open.. and  then all the ice cream melts.




Then it’s not so fun that day!

But overall..I love making Gelato. I love all the flavors we make, how happy it makes customers and the freedom I get in what flavors go out. It’s a pretty cool job.




Spencer Berge


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