Trinidad Paratha aka – Bus up Shot!

One of my fondest memories of baking is being in the kitchen with “ma” as a child. But nothing was better than coming home after school to one of her Amazing home cooked meals.

One of my favorite meals includes Paratha and a Curried Chana (chick pea and potato) side.

Trinidad Paratha or Roti is popular in three varieties: Aloo Pie (roti filled with roasted potatoes, onions, garlic and spiced with curry, geerah, anise, salt, pepper), Dhal Puri (Roti filled with split peas and rolled thinly and cooked on an iron tawa); and my personal favorite the “Bus Up Shot!” – a thin, light, flaky, buttery roti – eaten plain or eaten  with a Curried Chana.

Bus Up Shot Paratha with Curried Chana


I’m keeping my grandmother’s recipe to myself but I have found a link that is very close to hers – but it’s more the method that you need to pay attention to.

Trinidad Bus Up Shot-Cooking with Natasha

The Bus Up Shot in her final shot looks a little pale and you can still see the “cookeen grease” between the layers; my grandmother ONLY used butter; and at the time that she came to Canada she WAS ALLOWED to bring her Iron Tawa; along with several other kitchen blades, knives, pots, pans etc. that I’m sure these days people would not be able to bring with them; but since her passing I have kept these things safe and when I’m feeling blue it’s a great feeling to pull out her recipe book, see her handwriting, read her notes, her musings, her thoughts and in the side ledger she kept running lists of which family members preferred which recipes and how she would alter each one to their taste; it’s almost like a “Foodie Family Tree”! I miss my grandmother and cannot wait to honor her memory by starting my business again.




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