‘The Couple Who Lived’

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Creativity is an important factor in a bakers daily life. We must always think of new and exciting things in the world of pastry making.  Not only should the product taste fabulous but it also must be pleasing to the eye.  Having recently had to complete my first wedding cake, I choose to take inspiration from a particularly large part of my childhood, Harry Potter.  It had to be both relatable and elegant so planning was definitely required.  I spent days just googling images, looking for details I thought would pair nicely with the elements of Harry Potter I wished to apply. Having never worked with pastillage or gum paste before, I planned to create a Deathly Hallows inspired cake topper with Lily flowers to tie into a character. I practiced many nights on my flowers and created a template for the hallows sign. Harry Potter being a huge part of my personality, of course everyone was excited and interested to see the final product.  Cake decorating is not a strong point and it’s definitely not the direction Id like to take my baking career, but I will always be grateful for the experience and the practice in that particular part of baking. It was a challenged and a lot of work, I kept a consistent pace and was capable of pulling it off in a beautiful manner by the due date. It turned out even better then I had expected for my first try and was a wonderful blend of Harry Potter elements in a classical interpretation.


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