Trip to Dubai

        This year I had an opportunity to go to Dubai for a culinary competition. Having this type of opportunity really opens the doors for what amazing tasty creations are out there. The beauty of Dubai, as our tour guide said, is that Dubai tries to bring the all the very best to its city. Creations from all over the world can be found in Dubai, particularly the Dubai mall which seemed to house many very neat and very sweet creations.

View of the Dubai Mall

     While in Dubai we were mainly focused on our competition, however we did get a few days downtime to go and explore. During this time I was able to visit the Pierre Herme  macaron shop. I had never heard of this place before going or of Pierre Herme himself.

images 34.jpg


He is a well known pastry chef, known specifically for his macarons and his unusual flavour combinations.

In the Dubai mall they have a small kiosk on the first floor. There macarons were 12 Dirham each which worked out to being roughly $6 Canadian. I bought two. One was milk chocolate and passion fruit the other was salted caramel.

They were delicious!!!

Also while in Dubai I was told you cannot not go to Pappa Roti  . They are famous for there buns and coffee. They make this fabulous sweet rich bun that has something a coffee flavoured craqueline on top. The Pappa Roti buns are served best when warm out of the oven. They are served a what looks like a small peel and served with your choice of coffee.


I watched a video on how to make these buns. They are a sweet dough mixed very intensively. Each bun before it is rounded is filled with a cube of butter. After they are proofed they have a thin coffee flavoured batter piped on top of the buns in a tight spiral.images.jpg

What I really like seeing was the baker’s making them. They had this little kiosk shop in the middle of the mall and they were equipped with a deck oven and work space for baker’s to be constantly making these buns. They are unbelievably busy. Every seat was filled and the line up was huge. Apparently these buns are famous all over the middle east, India and originating in Malaysia. They are nick named the “Father of all the Buns.”


In my final wanderings of the Dubai Mall I wandered into a candy shop. It is called Candylicious. It is this international candy shop that that carries many of the worlds leading candy brands.


There whole mission statement is to make people happy. They give out free candy, the store is very colorful, and very bright music is playing in the store. What was really neat in this store was the 3D candy printer. It would print out any design or word you wanted in gummy candy. It cost like the equivalent of $80 Canadian. This video shows the whole process and making of the 3D gummy candies.

This concludes my adventures in sweets! Hopefully there will be many more to come. Thanks for reading!

Until next time!



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